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Is There A Remedy For A Sandblasted Windshield?

If you’ve ever found yourself driving with a sandblasted windshield, then you know how difficult it can be to see the road. You’re not alone – in fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrtoy planet calle laguna kleider beerenfarben velux 117×74 leadbike rücklicht top cheat club giochi quiz online gratis italiano creole mit anhänger gold aspirapolvere hoover amazon amazon ultimo tablet samsung galaxy velux 117×74 lamparas sin cables כיסוי שמשונית למנגל robe courte de noel james donkey 007 diy usb gaming wired mouse sac a dos fille pepe jeanstion (NHTSA), over one million drivers experience this problem each year! But don’t worry – there is help out there for those who are suffering from this unfortunate condition. Read on for more information about what causes your windshield to become sandblasted and what steps you can take when encountering a sandblasted windshield.

What Is a Sandblasted Windshield?

A sandblasted windshield is exactly what it sounds like: a window that has damage from tiny sand particles repeatedly colliding with the glass. Although these particles are not large enough to crack the window, over a prolonged period of time they create tiny holes in it which can interfere with visibility while driving.

What Causes Sandblasting on Auto Glass?

Leading cause of sandblasted windshields: tailgating. When you follow other drivers too closely, their vehicle tires kick up sand, pebbles and road debris which can project straight at your own windshield when you are following them! Though it is difficult to avoid particles hitting the window glass when driving behind cars or trucks on a highway – practicing three-second rule will significantly reduce risk for premature damage caused by these flying objects.

Is It Possible to Perform Auto Glass Repair on a Sandblasted Windshield?

When a sandblasted windshield is severely damaged, the best course of action may be replacing it. The sun’s rays can refract through an already cracked or pitting window and impede your vision while you are driving. Seek advice from someone who has experience in auto glass repair for the most secure option to have clear visibility when motoring down highways near beaches.

Your car deserves the best treatment, and our team at Windshield Replacement Elk Grove is here to provide top repairs. Our NGA-certified technicians specialize in auto glass services for all makes of vehicles which includes windshields! Call us today or send a message with your free estimate request so that we can get started on repairing your vehicle as quick as possible.

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